Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Sarah Sabina Montaldo

HEC Paris

MBA Candidate or Program Manager


Bio: I am Sarah Sabina, and I am currently pursuing an MBA with a specialization in Data and AI for business transformation at HEC Paris. Prior to embarking on this academic journey, I worked for over three years as an M&A and Real Estate finance legal advisor. In this role, I not only led and supervised cross-functional teams but also played a pivotal role in guiding clients through the intricacies of developing, negotiating, and implementing cross-border share and asset deals. The dynamic experience of leading cross-functional teams and orchestrating cross-border deals was truly transformative. It unveiled my profound interest in the decision-making intricacies inherent in such transactions. Motivated by this revelation, I decided to pursue an MBA, aspiring to transition into a more hands-on role where I can actively shape strategies and make a significant impact. As someone with a legal background deeply rooted in overseeing complex transactions, I have consistently been captivated by the potential of technology as a catalyst for progress and innovation. This past summer, I seized the opportunity to join Amazon for a 10-week internship as part of the MBA Launch Program. In my role as a Senior Program Manager within Prime Video, I led a paramount cross-functional project focused on enhancing Prime Video payments processes. This endeavor required close collaboration with diverse teams spanning various locations, honing my ability to navigate complex, multifaceted projects. Looking ahead, my journey continues as I am set to join finmid (https://finmid.com/), a cutting-edge fintech scale-up based in Berlin, in January. Beyond the professional realm, you’ll often find me immersed in various sports activities during my spare time. Snowboarding, soccer, and Pilates are my favorite ways to stay active. Additionally, I am passionate about exploring new culinary horizons and experimenting with flavors. When not engaged in sports or culinary activities, I indulge my curiosity by delving into neuroscience books and immersing myself in captivating documentary series and podcasts.