Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Ananta Vangmai

Revive Battery B.V

Founder and CEO


I am a triple-founder with a passion for sustainability and culture-driven projects. As the CEO of Revive Battery, my mission is to regenerate 1 million lead batteries. Our innovative on-site battery regeneration minimizes logistical hassles for clients, and we use lightweight, compact portable machines powered by solar energy to make it all possible. We're also dedicated to providing affordable energy storage solutions for energy-deficient populations and serving remote areas. My journey began as a teenager, managing my mother's art business at the world's largest performing arts festival. I then pursued a double Master's degree in Media Governance and International Relations, which has enriched my perspective on my work. In Europe, I collaborated with a Youth Organization in Wroclaw, forging partnerships across NGOs in Europe and Asia and securing funding from the European Commission and the EACEA. I've also contributed to various organizations, from a Solid Waste Management NGO in India to MindUncle, a mindfulness company, and NAMASTATE, a luxury sustainable fashion brand, where I focused on R&D for sustainable fibers and materials. Throughout my career, my commitment to positive societal impact remains unwavering, as I believe that sustainability, culture, and art can shape a brighter future.