Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Nyakim Gach Gatwetch


CEO and Founder


Nyakim Gatwech was born the youngest of six siblings in a refugee camp in Dima, Ethiopia, after her mother and father were separated in South Sudan amid conflict in the region. From a very young age, she dreamt of becoming a model, and eventually, her family found refuge in the US where her dream became reality. Upon arrival in the states, she faced bullying and colorism but years later became a viral sensation for refusing to bleach her skin. After years of self-doubt about her complexion, she realized that her plight could be used to inspire self-love in others. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she stated “It takes time to love who you are. Be confident in whatever the situation is. If you love yourself, other people will see it and love you for being yourself.” Gatwech successfully launched her non-profit, BalangNyal, in 2022. fulfilling her lifelong mission to empower and connect millennials and underserved youth of South Sudanese ancestry to socio-economic opportunities and supply feminine hygiene products and undergarments (vis-à-vis her partnership with Hunkemoller) to young girls in refugee camps without access to these essential items.

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