Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Helen Gwanfogbe

Nkumu Fed-Fed



Helen Gwanfogbe is an Educationist by profession with an M.A. in Applied Linguistic and TESOL from the School of Education, Leicester University in England. She started he Educational career in 1980 as student in a Teacher Training College. She has a rich educational career as a teacher at the level of Kindergarten, Secondary School, and Teacher Training Institutions. After 15 years if classroom teaching and experience, she was promoted to Managerial positions and headed the Teacher Resource Centre in Bamenda, in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. She later worked as he Director of Administration and Human Resources in the Rural Electrification Agency of Cameroon in Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon from 2000 until her retirement in 2016. Within the last three decades, she has dev eloped a strong passion for community service, working with women and community Associations. This resulted in her holding leadership positions in Students' Associations, Women's Self-Help groups, Community Development Associations, etc. This al o has led to her recognition as the "Woman of the Community" by several women and media organizations. She also acquired valuable knowledge and experience from participation in various international leadership exchange programs, notably by the Bristish Council (Pan African Leadership Programme), the US Embassy, and the Vital Voices Global Partnership programs. These experiences prepare her for the leadership capacity she subsequently required to carry out multiple advocacy programmes in the defense of the rights of women and children in rural communities. These capacities enabled her as the President (2000-2009) of Nkumu Fed-Fed (an International Female NGO with headquarters in Cameroon, with the mission to empower the underprivileged and vulnerable in the society with a focus on women an girls of rural communities) to play lead role in Cameroon in the combat against Child Trafficking. As a result, her NGO actively participated in advocating for the adoption of a new law on Child Trafficking and Slavery in Cameroon in December 2005. Withdrawing and empowering economically victims of Child Labour, training local communicators for effective sensitization and advocacy. With the current war crisis taking place in the North West an South West Regions of Cameroon since 2017, Nkumu Fed-Fed with its partners have been involved in the rehabilitation and empowerment of the Gender Based Violence(GBV) victims and survivors of the crisis. Networking with a wide range of local organizations, traditional rulers, the media and other civil society groups to bring about change in traditional and community norms that hinder the full development of women and girls. She is currently an Adviser of the Organization and the Chairperson of the Human Rights Program Area of the Organization. Helen Gwanfogbe has participated in various programs of the Vital Voices Global Partnership, both as course participant and speaker. She is a VVLead Fellow, a VAV Fellow and was a Speaker at he Women's Forum in the USA in March 29, 2023 during the Women's Forum at the Vital Voices Headquarters, Washington DC. Helen is married with three children and three grandchildren.