Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Cécile Tuil


SVP Customers & Engagement


Cécile Tuil is Senior Vice-President Customers & Engagement at RATP Dev since September 2022. RATP Dev is a privately-held subsidiary of RATP Group that operates, maintains and improves passenger experience in public transport networks across the world. Cécile held key roles at Pechiney, Alcan, Areva, and Schneider Electric, specializing in marketing, sales, business development and communications. Notable positions include Director of Central Communications at Areva and Vice-President, Influence Strategy at Schneider Electric. From 2014 to 2022, she served as Vice-President of Communications at Albéa Group, a global leader in plastic cosmetic packaging. Cécile is a graduate from the ENSIA engineering school in France.

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