Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Paula Llorden


Design Consultant


Paula Llorden is a Spanish Fashion Designer currently based in Paris. She has attended numerous courses at Central Saint Martins since 2014 along with a specialization course on Haute Couture Embroidery in Paris. She graduated from ESNE School of Design BA Fashion Design in 2019. Being raised in a conservative environment, her role as creative has evolved to antagonize everything she grew up surrounded by. Her work discusses the current political and cultural circumstances surrounding topics like feminism, gender construction and human sexuality by revisiting the past and understanding our historical inheritance as a society. Her work explores the body as an instrument that helps in generating conversations through provocation. It also revisits how social constructs that have been weaved into society for centuries haven’t changed, but are still allowed to shape culture without being questioned. Thanks to her latest profesional experiences, commitment to sustainability has become a hallmark of her work, reflecting a conscientious approach to businesses in an era that demands environmental responsibility. After a few years focused on the fashion industry, she’s decided to change paths searching to broaden creative opportunities while working for multiple different industries as a creative. Paula Llorden is about to co-found a creative studio specialized on strategic branding for companies that are trying to reach their sustainability potential.