Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Zeina Sleiman


Director of Alumni Relations


Director of Alumni Relations at INSEAD | Business Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant and Trainer Global | Global Connections Enthusiast Transforming Networks | Elevating Experiences | Powering Success With a remarkable 16-year tenure as the Director of Alumni Relations at INSEAD, Zeina is a visionary leader renowned for crafting and fostering dynamic global connections. Her expertise spans alumni engagement, digital innovation, cross-cultural relations, business etiquette, protocol, and unparalleled events management. As a trailblazer, Zeina has orchestrated transformative global events that transcend boundaries. From intimate gatherings to grand conferences and high-level retreats and business meetings, each occasion bears her signature of meticulous planning and cultural finesse, and to design and deliver innovative and customized programs and events that cater to the diverse and dynamic needs and interests of the clients. Her mastery extends to executive presence, empowering professionals to project confidence and impact in every scenario. Certified in business etiquette and protocol, Zeina navigates cultural intricacies seamlessly, fostering connections that resonate. Her role in shaping global networks has earned her a well-deserved place in shaping key strategies and partnerships. In a world where connections are paramount, Zeina’s journey is a testament to her dedication in fostering lasting networks, promoting cultural understanding, and delivering exceptional experiences.