Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Chékéba Hachemi

Stand Speak Rise Up!

Strategy & Philanthropy Advisor to HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg


Chékéba Hachemi is franco-afghan, she fled her country at the time of the Soviet invasion in 1986 and arrived in France at the age of 11. In 1996, she founded the organisation Afghanistan Libre, which advocates for the rights of women and girls in education, rural development, and health. The organisation went dormant with the arrival of the Taliban in August 2021. She co-created together with ELLE newspaper, in 2002 ROZ magazine, which caters to Afghan women. Chékéba was not only the first woman diplomat of the Afghan transitional government but also the first Secretary of the Afghan embassy to the European Union. Subsequently, Chékéba was appointed by the government in Kabul to be Special Advisor to the Vice-President. After resigning from her position as Minister-Advisor to President Hamid Karzaï, Chékéba founded Epoke consulting agency as well as CH Consulting; she specializes in the implementation of cross-sector social projects, in particular the promotion and place of women in business as well as the philanthropic and CSR approach of major European groups, while also assisting certain senior executives with their philanthropic initiatives. Since 2017, she has been Strategy and Philanthropy Advisor alongside HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg in her battles against rape as a weapon of war and sexual violence in fragile environments. Together they created the forum and then the association Stand Speak Rise Up.