Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Chloe Cormack

BAOM (Eco Solutions)

Co-founder & Business Development Lead


Chloe has a formal education in Journalism, Media production and Social Anthropology. Her work focused on the nexus of social and environmental issues. She upskilled her academic knowledge in the field of sustainability and climate adaptation and mitigation studies through various short courses. She gained experience and expertise in the field through project managing a number of grass roots food security initiatives in and around Cape Town; interning for One World Sustainable Investments tracking the 2021 COP discussions, agreements and generating laymen's terms summaries for non executive stakeholders at the event. Later she worked at C4Eco Solutions as a paid intern/junior climate change consultant researching and designing climate change adaptation projects - most notably on food security in Antigua and Barbuda. She has accelerated her career in the corporate climate industry accepting a position as Sustainability Lead and Project Manager at Empanda while co-founding BAOM (Eco Solutions) and leading it's business development along side co-founder and product development lead Melian Dott. BAOM is an innovative & revolutionary packaging solution aiming at replacing flexible plastics and other unsustainable packaging materials for a variety of applications. BAOM Biofilms are edible and home compostable sheeting that restores soil health and can supplement livestock feed with it's probiotic components after its packaging lifecycle - truly integrating a circular economy and a number of Sustainable Development Goals in it's business model for the products themselves.