Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Anna Braeken


General Manager, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, France


Anna Braeken is an accomplished leader in the global pharmaceutical industry, with a strong commitment to innovation and improving patient outcomes. Trained as an epidemiologist, she has over 20 years of invaluable experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Throughout her career, Anna has held various roles in Market Access and Commercial Leadership, where she has been instrumental in introducing treatments across diverse therapeutic areas into the Canadian and European markets. Her expertise and strategic acumen have consistently enabled the successful integration of innovative therapies, ultimately enhancing patient access to life-enhancing medications. As the former Global Head of Women's Healthcare at Bayer, Anna has displayed a profound dedication to advancing women's health and empowering women worldwide. Recognizing the pivotal role that access to reproductive health services plays in social and economic development, she has been a driving force in providing women with a diverse range of choices and improving their access to contraception and gyneclogical therapies.

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