Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Francesca Donner

Front Page Media

Founder, CEO & Editor


Francesca Donner is the founder, CEO and editor of Front Page Media, a digital media company committed to amplifying women’s voices, stories, perspectives and ideas. A launch is anticipated in early 2024. Francesca is the former gender director of The New York Times where she oversaw ‘In Her Words’— a column and newsletter examining politics, economics, business, health, and culture through a gender lens. Prior to The New York Times, Francesca was a deputy editor at The Wall Street Journal. Francesca’s work centers on the idea that making women’s voices heard can change the world, not just in how we think about women, but how women are factored into decision-making at the highest levels. Francesca grew up in the U.K., and lives in the U.S.