Women's Forum Global Meeting 2023


Mayssaloun Nassar

France Médias Monde

Deputy Editor in Chief


Mayssaloun Nassar is a French- Lebanese journalist. Since 2003, she worked for multiple Pan-Arab TV channels and production companies in several Arab countries as documentary producer and copywriter, as well as production manager. Early 2011, she joined France 24 TV station in Paris as news editor. Later, she was appointed as special envoy in several regions around the world (MENA, Europe, Africa and USA) to cover political, economic and sports events. In October 2014, she started hosting a weekly TV show “The 51% - Hiya Al Hadath” (12 minutes) about women rights, empowerment and gender equality. In addition to “Hiya Al Hadath”, she launched late 2015 “Fi Falak Al Mamnou’”, a bimonthly talk show (45 minutes) that tackles social, religious and political Taboos. Early 2022, she added a weekly show to her portfolio, “You were told – Qalou Lakom” (6 minutes) dedicated to fight stereotypes and misconceptions, to help prevent the spread of fake news in societies. She became Deputy Editor in Chief in January 2023.