WFG20 Italy

BNP Paribas


As the ‘Bank for a Changing World’, BNP Paribas’ goal is to accompany its clients as they navigate new business practices with the changes that these imply. We are thus extremely honored to be a strategic partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society in 2020, engaging in bridging humanity as a means to generate a positive impact on global social and economic issues, through the vision of exceptional women. BNP Paribas believes that creating a respectful environment which offers equal opportunities for all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for any successful organization. Being a strategic partner of the Women’s Forum is an opportunity to contribute collectively to ensure the right conditions for all women by taking concrete actions to advance toward gender parity and climate. The Group's commitment to climate research and biodiversity is deep and long-standing as well as our commitment to gender equality: through our Corporate foundation, our CSR/Diversity policies or the actions of our Company Engagement Department and through all our businesses.

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