WFG20 Italy

REPLAY: Driving a green, sustainable and ethical finance: the Champions for purposeful investments

Oct 19, 2021 | 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM


It is essential to channel investments towards companies that have a long-term positive impact for all stakeholders, including the planet and next generations. Women have a great deal of power to make the future of finance more sustainable because women, more than men, tend to align their investments with their values - and these values reflect their consciousness of the global challenges before us. Therefore, all investors should take into account social, environmental and governance criteria, emphasizing strategies that not only foster gender equality, but include equity, and the myriad of challenges the SDGs have outlined. Businesses that follow such criteria will be more resilient to the shocks we can expect, and will bring about more long term value both to communities, the environment, and of course, the companies themselves. Ensuring a greater presence of women in finance, as investors, and in top corporate management, will better prepare us all for the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. The high level speakers will share their vision and contributions to the ongoing transition of finance towards more ethical and sustainable principles, benefitting women and humanity as a whole. How can the private and the public sectors reinforce the role of sustainable finance in building a greener and inclusive future? How can we ensure the integration of a gender dimension in investments?


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