WFG20 Italy

REPLAY: Humanising the cities of the future: the Champions of inclusive infrastructures

Oct 18, 2021 | 1:40 PM - 2:30 PM


The economic, social and sanitary crisis is changing the ways of conceiving and living in the urban areas. Cities have to reinvent their traditional services and networks becoming more human-centred. The high-level speakers will discuss the most effective measures to be implemented in order to foster women's leadership and make sure that cities are livable for all. The society can't move forward without the added-value coming from both female and male talents when designing greener and more inclusive cities. It is necessary to equip more girls and women with adequate technical competences so that they can contribute to the jobs of the future, especially related to mobility, energy transition and housing. For instance, more women in the transport workforce will allow for better planning of systems and services taking into account a gender lens. In a similar way, new energy solutions could be developed capitalising on diverse perspectives. These aspects will both contribute in defining durable housing systems. What is the role of women in the transformation of cities? How can public authorities and the private sector unleash women’s added value in urban planning and management?


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