Women's Forum Global Meeting 2024

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RECONCILIATION Fostering Unity through Gender Equality 

The 20th Women's Forum Global Meeting will take place on October 23-24 in Paris at La Maison de la Chimie. 

The polarisation of our society underscores the profound need for collective action and unity. 
Addressing the challenges of our time - climate change, conflicts, and economic disparities - demands a gender-inclusive approach. Both women and men must equally participate in shaping society and reconciling divisions. This year’s theme, Reconciliation, focuses on overcoming tensions and polarisation, and fostering dialogue and unity. 
Discrimination disproportionately affects women and girls. However, women are not the only ones impacted and should not be viewed solely as victims. They are powerful change-makers actively building fairer societies for everyone. 
 Together, we will explore how to revive unity through concrete actions promoting gender equity across numerous fields: climate, health, business, technology, culture, law, and politics. 
We will also examine collective strategies to address inequalities in workplaces, homes, online media, and broader society. 
Join over 1,500 onsite and 10,000 online participants from international organisations, governments, civil society, and businesses in shaping a future where equality prevails. 
Together, men and women have the power to create a fairer future and drive reconciliation. 

About the Women's Forum


Created in 2005 and headquartered in Paris, Publicis Groupe Women's Forum, is an international network for transforming the power of women's voices and perspectives into forward-thinking economic and policy initiatives for societal change.
During our annual Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris and our regional events, we assemble a worldwide community of top businesswomen, lawmakers and agents of change from numerous sectors. 

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