Women's Forum Global Meeting 2024


Who are the Women's Forum Global Meeting Participants ? 

Every year, the Women's Forum gathers its international community in Paris for the Global Meeting. The community is composed of high level representatives, participants coming form the public and private sectors, NGOs and institutional representatives, academics and students. 

The Women's Forum welcomes a wide range of diverse profiles reunited to discuss about gender equality. We value all differences, without distinction of age, gender, skin colour, social origin, religion or sexual orientation... all that counts is your energy and aspiration to reduce gender inequalities.

How can I attend the Women's Forum Global Meeting ? 

1) With a partner organisation

The Women's Forum is supported by a large number of organisations from the public and private sector, NGOs, Institutions and Universities which all send delegates to the Global Meeting. If your organisation is already one of our partners or if you would like your organisation to sponsor the event, please contact: philippine.guerard@womens-forum.com

2) As an individual participant or delegation

If you would like to attend to the Global Meeting individually or as part of a delegation, please refer to the associated fees above. You can ask an organisation or an individual to sponsor you. For any questions regarding attending individually, please contact : delegates@womens-forum.com

3) Apply to be a Youth Ambassador (new or returning)

As a selected Youth Ambassador you are eligible to attend the Global Meeting and benefit from a tailor-made youth programme. Find more information about the conditions of application, here. If you were a Youth Ambassador in the past and would like to return this year, please reach out to : lea.levanbereni@womens-forum.com