WFG20 Italy

REPLAY: Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: the Champions of Women’s Leadership

Oct 19, 2021 | 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM


The Covid-19 pandemic worsened the level of women's participation in the labor market, already fragile in executive roles. Businesses which have implemented non-discriminatory HR processes, mentoring and coaching programmes as well as equal pay systems have achieved important results to reduce the gender gap. All companies should establish a new division of responsibilities and a different balance through socio-cultural leverages such as the development of infrastructures, increased flexibility and family incentives. Breaking the glass ceiling for women and fully associating them to leadership positions and in governance will allow to create a new inclusive management fueled by a diversity of viewpoints. The high-level speakers will share insights about the ambitious plans that they have been conceiving and deploying, indicating in particular what could be significantly scaled-up in the G20 countries and beyond. How can companies develop a new approach to empower women in the professional environment? How can we secure lifelong careers for female talents, from the entrance point to the promotion at the middle and highest levels of responsibility?


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